Social Activation

By creating a series of playlists accessible from popular music streaming platforms under your official music account, SPECTRE offers you a way to activate social influence of your brand on a broader client base through the power of music. Giving out this sensorial and emotional « gift », you can honour, thank and gratify your loyal clients, and encourage clients-to-be to experience and link to your brand in a fearless way.

Connect emotionally to your clients, and make them always engaged to your brand’s aura. Become omni-present, just like music.

Activate brand influence on music streaming platforms

A dedicated space on music streaming platforms brings your brand immediately close to your clients and clients-to-be. By creating a series of playlists accessible to a wide public under your official music account, SPECTRE offers you a new way to appeal and engage to your clients through sound. They will be given a way to bring home your brand experience when they want it.

Effortlessly share on social media through QR Code and Smart link

Dedicated QR code and smart link to share your branded playlists on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, magazines, newsletters…on all media both digitally and in print. By simply scanning or clicking, the public can feel the unique music vibes of your brand at any time and any place, on their favorite streaming platform.

Key steps


Music Identity Building

SPECTRE translates your brand DNA into music, creating the perfect mood and vibes for the social activation of your brand.


Streaming Account Management

SPECTRE creates your playlists and manage the updates for your brand on the music streaming platforms.


Result Monitoring

Monitor the social activation results generated from music!

Licensing for brand streaming playlists

Our playlists generated for public streaming platforms are designed for a private use. Therefore, the rights for a personal listening of the music will be settled automatically through the music streaming platform. No concern nor extra right to pay on your side! SPECTRE respect however the terms and conditions defined by each music streaming provider.

Technical Solutions


Beside Music, we developed in-house hardware and software solutions to broadcast and monitor your programming.

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