Le Studio

Le Studio masters the Art of reflecting best a business identity into words, voices, music or sounds. We take care of your demands for original audio content production, providing A-to-Z service to accompany you for your concept creation, voice casting, scriptwriting, recording, original music composing, sound effect design, mixing… everything we can do to enhance your global sonic branding strategy.

Subtle combination of haute-couture audio design & heartful music production, realised with Sophistication, Creativity & Energy.

Audio Messages

Audio messages

Transform your audio information and advertisements into a joyful listening experience. We boost your informative audio messages and commercials, both in-store and online.

On-hold audio message

It is one of the first touchpoint of your brand / venue. Usually disregarded by many it can easily create a unique first impression. To shorten the perceived waiting time, we aim to produce creative on-hold messages with perfectly targeted voice casting and music selection.

Music production

Sonic Identity

Sonic identity usually includes brand music production and its variant such as sonic logo and original soundtrack production for all audio touch points of your customer and marketing experience. We artistically and strategically design a sonic identity for your brand, that reflects its core spirit and emotion.

Creative music loops

For a unique audio storytelling SPECTRE produces creative loops. It can include movie extracts, sound design& effects all mixed with music. These loops are usually broadcasted in hospitality public areas such as corridors or lavatories, or even for galleries and museums.

Key steps


Request & Brief

Talk with SPECTRE to create your exclusive studio production.


Studio Production

SPECTRE builds your original soundtracks, voice messages, on-hold music, creative loops and more, from scratch to perfection.


Audio Program Integration

Together with you, we incorporate organically your bespoke sonic elements into the global broadcast schedule. Using SPECTRE technology, monitor and control in-time, remotely, effortlessly all sonic elements to be, being, and having been broadcasted.

Licensing for Studio productions

The intellectual property and copyright of all original productions of SPECTRE STUDIO are fully owned by SPECTRE. Each production will be licensed to the client concerned for a defined or infinite time frame, and there will be no third party involved.

However, if a SPECTRE production involves soundtracks made by one or several outside artists, SPECTRE will offer consulting and/or licensing services to authorize the use of each content. Nevertheless, client is strongly recommended to consult the local organization of collective music copyright management regarding license of the soundtracks in question.

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Technical Solutions


Beside Music, we developed in-house hardware and software solutions to broadcast and monitor your programming.

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