Music Programming

Music programming is all about engaging your clients and enhancing your daily brand or venue experience through a magnified audio experience. At SPECTRE we carefully hand-pick playlists, broadcast them through our proprietary players, with content programmed to evolve automatically over different seasons, days and hours. We aim at helping each and every client create the most adapted music identity for an unforgettable journey.

Efficient Music programming requires adaptation, high creativity and utmost sensibility.

The Art of translating your brand DNA to music

Your identity is unique, so should your music concept. The best soundtracks are selected to illustrate and reinforce your storytelling and its key attributes.

We offer our creative expertise, accompanying clients in designing exclusive music journeys. We build sophisticatedly branded playlists, advising clients on inventing the best audio experience echoing their brand’s DNA.

Our work is a mix of Craft & Tech

Unlike most of our competitors, we carefully hand-pick our tracks to produce all our clients playlists. We know that high-quality music can only come with such level of precision, care, and passion.  Our music database software built by our very own tech team enables us to describe each track with more than 50 different criteria. Then, our in-house music software makes sure that the tracks are played in the best order based on pre-set and evolving parameters defined for each client. The mix of craftsmanship and technology ensures a perfect match of music with time, place and environmental vibes.

Experience but also Innovation

For more than 10 years, we have developed a versatile expertise in curating the best music and creating well-rounded music concepts for various sectors and business types. Sharply following the most recent trends on music, art, fashion, technology and the world, we keep our attitudes, services and tools innovated. Experience, expertise and innovation are united to transcend the music experience of our clients.

Key steps


Music Curation

Each track is carefully curated, hand-picked,  integrated and classified in our database.


Music Identity Design

Based on a brand brief from client, we define the stylistic guidelines and the music storytelling that fit best your needs: desired moods, energy level, intensities, schedules, zoning, time zones, if any, etc.


Broadcasting Solution Adaptation

We determine together which hardware device fits you best.

Once your equipment is set up, your Music will be ON seamlessly, and you can access and adjust your programming remotely at any time and from anywhere in the world.


There are in general two rights concerned in public music broadcasting: Reproduction right and Public Performance Right.

// Reproduction right refers to the right to duplicate, transcribe, imitate, or simulate a work in a fixed form. This is the right everyone needs to pay when he/she does music playlist curation and deploy it on music players.

// Public Performance right refers to the right to publicly play or broadcast music.

SPECTRE guarantees that we remunerate properly the Reproduction rights to producers and artists from the globe.

However, not being the immediate entity to broadcast music in public, SPECTRE is usually not able to pay directly for the Public Performance Right of any playlists we create. Instead, our Clients should contact the local organization of collective copyright management for obtaining license of public performance.

Please note that: Playing publicly music without licensing is risky and can potentially lead to heavy fine due to violation of copyright laws. Pay for rights, is the way to show respect to the artists and producers’ work, and to protect your own dignity and rights.

Technical Solutions


Beside Music, we developed in-house hardware and software solutions to broadcast and monitor your programming.

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