Technical Solutions

Music, but more than music. We develop in-house hardware and software solutions to sublime your music programming with the best broadcasting and monitoring tools

SPECTRE provides complete audio broadcasting technical solutions, including both music players and central control dashboard. All players are compatible with any audio systems and the music content is stored locally – no streaming. Our web-based dashboard allows you to monitor and adjust all your programming in real-time.

With SPECTRE Players and Dashboard, the playing, monitoring and controlling of your music has never been so effortless, and so reassuring.


Take control of your experience.

// 100% integrated and proprietary technology.

// Remote & smart global control in real-time

// Accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world.

– Monitor & Control remotely your clients’ experience according to your specific zoning, schedules, events and highlights of the day/week

– View & live-preview which music is playing

– Schedule audio messages/ jingles

– View detailed information about your music assets

– Access your content history tracker

– Manage your blacklist

– Manage your team

– Activate new Mobile license and manage all SPECTRE devices

– Find assistance, place complaint, question and be answered

Mobile app

Designed for maximum agility and flexibility.

// Effortless “Tap & Go”
// Fingertip control
// User-centric, smart & agile

– Maximum flexibility, a real portable music solution

– Quick download & install

– Support iOS & Android

– Seamless compatible with any sound systems via Bluetooth, AirPlay or monolog cable

– Change the current playlist

– Cruise between playlists

– Skip/ backlist tracks

Suited for restaurants, bars, SPAs, as well as outdoor events.

Pulse Player

Vow to high performance.

// A dedicated Player, fully designed by SPECTRE, for uninterrupted audio output 24/7

// Ethernet-secured broadcasting, with unquestionable reliability

// Smart, trustworthy, and fully Autonomous

– Plug-and-play

– Fully automatic broadcasting and updating

– Content locally stored and accessible remotely

– Audio flow of quality, Stable and reliable

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, office buildings and parking lots.

Dante Player

The ONE to take care of ALL.

// Advanced performance for Dante-powered network

// XXL storage, breath-taking capacity, Allowing 32 audio stream outputs simultaneously

// Powerful and convenient, highly compatible, ultra-low latency

– Easy rack cabinet integration

– 100% AoE Audio over Ethernet interoperability with RJ45 cables

– Dedicated PCI express card

– Ultra-low latency with sub-microsecond synchronisation

– Content remotely accessible

– Very high-quality audio solution

– Smart shuffle-play with no repetitive or predictive sequences

The must-have for large surfaces and complex zonings.

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