• Artistic Direction

    Our two solutions:

    • Branded music playlists. They are unique and tailor-made to fit the brand’s identity, philosophy and concept.
    • Universal music playlists. More generic and made to fit multisettings.
  • Software

    The software allows the management of all your media programming, including music, pictures, video content through a reliable and useroriented digital signage based on a secured cloud computing platform.

  • Hardware

    Various media players are available to broadcast the media content and can be chosen according to your technical and programming needs.

Our process

  • Artistic Direction

  • Audio/ Picture & Video files

  • Cloud-Computing Media Storage

  • Software

    Media Programming Management Audio, Photo & Video

  • Hardware

    Plug & Play Media Broadcasting System

  • Media content playing


  • Original music production

    TV commercials, video games, websites, holding lines…

  • Music Sync

    Music selection & sync for TV programs, corporate movies, animations

  • Sound Design

    All non compositional sound elements of films

  • Music Compilation

    From selection to product delivery including licensing

  • Music Supervision

    Selection & licensing to select the most adapted track

  • Music Curation

    Fashion Shows, exhibitions, special events…

  • DJ Mix

    Aftershow, product launch, corporate events

  • Artist Booking

    DJ’s, bands & performers…