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Mix SPA treatment & music to improve overall health and well-being benefits.

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Music-infused SPA treatments provide more immediate and also long-term relaxing, healing and soothing benefits on body and mind. By triggering a variety of chemical reactions of the brain and activating emotion regulation processes, music has the power to affect one’s behavior, state of mind and shift their mood into a more pleasurable one.

Music helps people to stimulate feelings of happiness, loosen nerves, lift spirits, rebuild confidence while reducing stress and anxiety levels. By creating a relaxing and reassuring environment, music induces a natural state of meditation, introspection and spiritual harmony.

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Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

Maria Von Trapp

Music helps people to:

stimulate feelings of happiness

lift spirits

rebuild confidence

reduce stress and anxiety levels

create relaxing and reassuring environment

induce to a state of meditation, introspection and better spiritual harmony
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