January 1, 2011

NESPRESSO Variations 2011

Each winter and to celebrate year-end festivities, NESPRESSO launches limited editions of capsules. The 2011 version acclaimed delicious dark chocolate, cherry and vanilla blossom aromas.
SPECTRE, in collaboration with BNM (Agency), BASIC FILMS (Creative Direction and Production), SPEAKEASY (Production) and MULTIPLY (Artistic Direction, 3D Production and Development), is responsible for the sound design and musical production of this 3D animated film.
Inspired by childhood memories, a Magic Book reveals a surprising world of colours and gourmandise. Each perfume, dark chocolate, cherry and vanilla blossom has its own chapter, dedicated visual and music world. The music concept was made around a common music box theme delicately tainted with fruity, warm, or sweet tones made to enhance each world and aroma.
Translated in 30 languages and available in 50 countries, this 3D animated film is available on NESPRESSO’s website, on tablets and smartphones. A video sharing the Variations 2011 experience was also shown in the 250 stores of the brand.

Nespresso Variations from Spectre on Vimeo.