Music Design for Mott 32 - SPECTRE Case Study

Mott 32

// Award-Winning Chinese fine dining
// Dynamic and glamorous ambience
// Chinese fusion styled interior design

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About Mott 32
Mott 32 is one of the most awarded Chinese restaurant brands in the world, with locations in major cities worldwide, including Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Singapore, Dubai, Toronto, Bangkok, Seoul and Cebu. In addition to various authentic traditional Chinese dishes, the restaurant is also remarked by its award-winning interior design, which seamlessly blends New York industrial style with traditional Chinese culture.

For Mott 32, we took the best lessons from design, wine, mixology, music, and atmosphere to create a high-end Chinese dining experience that felt luxurious but welcoming to people from all backgrounds.

Malcolm Wood Co-Founder, Group Managing Director & Culinary Director


Act as trend-watcher and conduct well targeted market research to benchmark the best sensorial experience worldwide. Create the brand’s music identity and signature music ambience based on researches and global trends. Provide a reliable and scalable solution for music broadcasting and control on the daily basis.


Mott 32 Hong Kong, Mott 32 Las Vegas.


Strategic music consulting, market research and benchmarking, music identity creation, music guidelines creation.

Creative concept, music curation and bespoke music programming.

Managed and programmed through SPECTRE Music Players & Dashboard.
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