Case study

Groupe Barrière

Objective: Reposition Barrière’s music experience to outshine the brand’s attractivity and hospitality concepts in the 18 hotels, 34 casinos, 15 spas and more than 120 restaurants.

Creative Direction
Tailor-made music Soundscapes with time tailored playlists according to each outlets and living areas of the hotel.
Custom music playlists for specific events and adapted according to the seasons.
Hundreds of hours of music selected by our music curators with a very specific briefing matching every hotel, spa, restaurant and casino areas and clientele.

Technical Set Up
Hardware SPECTRE players dispatched in each site.
SPECTRE Dashboard to monitor and adjust the content in real time for the Barrière Team and SPECTRE operations.

About Groupe Barrière
Created in 1912 by François André, Barrière has perfectly illustrated the prestige of French luxury and expertise for more than a century. Shaped by three generations of passionate, visionary entrepreneurs, today it serves as a shining example of French luxury hospitality and a casino market leader in France and Europe.
This pioneering family group was a precursor of the French-style Resort model. Barrière has continued to establish itself long term in exceptional locations, and to use its experience and operational excellence to serve a national and international clientèle with the highest of standards.
Today Barrière is a Brand comprised of two Groups, Groupe Lucien Barrière (unlisted) and Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (listed on Euronext Paris – Compartiment B), which together represent 18 hotels, 34 casinos, 15 spas, over 120 restaurants and bars and nearly 7,000 employees. It is more than just a trademark – it’s a State of Mind. A spirit of glamorous French elegance, personalised service and a love of hospitality. In these lively establishments, sophistication meets extravagance, and heritage rubs shoulders with the avant-garde.