Case study


Objective : Create the global Sonic Branding with a prime objective : transcend the shopping and spa experience through a unique music identity.

Creative Direction
Tailor made in-store music matching with each concept stores and spa for Clarins (Clarins Boutiques, Spa By Clarins, Spa My Blend By Clarins). Development of playlists matching with Clarins music DNA for every new retail/spa concept opening in Europe, USA, Middle east and Asia from 2017 to 2020.
Creation of a SPA Signature playlist + Specific Playlists matching with each different spa treatment.
Specific Playlists for corporate events.

Technical Set up
Deployment of SPECTRE music Players (iOS devices & mini PC). Local & Remote monitoring through

About Clarins
With more than 400 spa and shops among 50 countries , Clarins is the world leading Spa Brand.