May 30, 2014

SPECTRE @ Hotel Casadelmar & La Plage Casadelmar, Porto Vecchio

The “Hotel Casadelmar” and “La Plage Casadelmar” are two design hotels located in Porto-Vecchio (South Eastern part of Corsica, France) with swimming pool, SPA, several dining areas and a gourmet restaurant. The values of luxury, authenticity and modernity are transcended in the architecture, the decoration and a high-end service.

SPECTRE translates these values since April 2014 by creating the musical design of all the public areas of both hotels. Customers are invited to enter a peaceful and relaxing ambiance enhancing its Mediterranean identity and the natural beauty of the Corsican island. The music selection is adapted to the different highlights of the hotel and varies in intensity throughout the day from comforting and calm rhythms to a more festive atmosphere on the beach and bar during the sunset.