Case study

Le Sergent Recruteur

LE SERGENT RECRUTEUR is a restaurant based in Paris, France. Ideally located within the “Ile Saint-Louis”  it has been recently totally redesigned by Jaime Hayon (

The chef, Antonin Bonnet, who was previously working at the Greenhouse in London, has gained within months recognition from the most eloquent french & international critics.
Thanks to his highly innovative approach of cuisine, he won quickly his first michelin star.
In this context, Spectre was selected to create a particularly modern & creative music experience to transcend Antonin Bonnet’s work. He says: “Music has to be an extension of my personality and fit perfectly with the ingenious concept of the restaurant.”

His british experience led him to appreciate the whole trip-hop scene. The selected music is a heritage of this movement and takes root within most recent productions of ambiant electro, modern jazz & chill wave .

Le Sergent Recruteur – 41, rue Saint-Louis en L’Isle 75004 –